Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land

Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land

Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land features no load times and gives you the freedom to skate or bike throughout an expansive open environment.

CGRundertow TONY HAWK’S AMERICAN SK8LAND for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land Review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRUndertow review of Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land, developed by Vicarious Visions and published by Activision for the Nintendo DS. The Tony Hawk franchise has withstood the test of time, both on console and on handheld, continuing with Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land. A handheld version of American Wasteland that did so well on console, Sk8land goes further with cel-shaded characters and environments, customizable board and grafitti designs, and the wide open feel that made the series so unforgettable, along with the core trick design that has fortunately remained unchanged. This video review features video gameplay footage of Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Eric.

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Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland – Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary)

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– Full Playlist:

A complete guide/walkthrough to 100% the Story Mode, played on Sick Difficulty.

00:00 Intro
02:28 Change your look and clothes
04:10 Learn to Caveman
05:34 Do a Sponsor Challenge
06:30 Kickflip Whofleck
08:06 Learn to Revert
09:04 Get your stuff back
11:54 Get into Beverly Hills
13:33 Demolition Radio Pt. 1
13:58 Meeting Murhpy, Dave and Boone
16:28 Learn some wall tricks
18:12 Learn Spines Flips, Rolls, Acid Drops, Banks
20:09 Learn the Natas Spin
20:45 Learn the Boneless and Boned Ollie
21:10 Learn Parkour tricks
22:58 Impress Murphy, Dave and Boone
24:28 Meeting Iggy and the Skate Ranch
26:26 Skitch Sanchez
30:23 Learn the Bert Slide from Iggy
32:12 Buy the Dino Head
33:19 Get the 69 gas station sign
34:24 Get the metal awning
35:29 Get the naked lady statue
36:45 Get the Green Top
37:25 Get the Radio Tower
38:55 Get the red velvet ropes
39:32 Get some stars
40:35 Get the giant record needle
41:45 Help Mr. D. get into Downtown
44:14 Help Joey B. get to the manhole
45:22 Kick off the bell
46:11 Knock the fire escape down
47:20 Loosen the Pyramid!
48:32 Smash the Chinatown tower!
49:27 Demolition Radio Pt. 2
49:41 Learn the Board Stall
50:53 Learn Special and Focus
53:17 Get into the Tony Hawk AMJAM
54:29 Pay the fee and get sponsored
54:51 Win the Tony Hawk AMJAM
57:37 Demolition Radio Pt. 3
59:02 Iggy got Busted
1:00:46 Prove yourself to the Skateclub
1:01:47 Learn fatland from the Skateclub
1:03:12 Distract the cops!
1:04:57 Prove yourself to the Skateclub (again)
1:07:41 Santa Monica Local
1:08:25 Rip out the Steps, Impossible!
1:10:02 Show up ‘The Man’
1:11:25 Shark Attack
1:12:42 Shoot the Valley kooks
1:13:34 Ride the wheel and scare seagulls!
1:15:50 Get to Alva’s bro
1:17:50 Tear down the Roof
1:19:02 Bomb the hill with Tony Alva
1:21:37 Scare away the Carny
1:24:42 Pay the Ship Captain
1:25:42 Feed the Shark!
1:27:29 Help Mega blow up the USGA$ sign
1:29:16 Drop the grate and balls
1:30:31 Dismantle the combo pipes
1:31:19 Destroy the antennas!
1:32:37 Tear off the corner piece
1:33:24 Mega at the boat
1:34:05 Get off the Oil Rig!
1:35:22 Help Mega oil the crane
1:37:00 Get the Black Widowz Tattoo
1:39:09 Build an All-City tag
1:41:22 Prove your BMX skills
1:44:47 Talk to the Black Widow
1:45:53 Save Boone in East LA!
1:46:29 Take the bum’s bed!
1:47:54 Grab the Coyote Runners sign!
1:49:13 Chopper drop!
1:50:39 Keep the repo man away from Mega!
1:52:24 Call to Iggy / The Skate Ranch got discovered
1:56:28 Get Tony Hawk to be in the video
1:59:02 Demolition Radio Pt. 4
1:59:22 Impress Deawon so he joins the cause
2:00:08 Get Andrew Reynolds in your video
2:01:55 Get Rodney Mullen in your video
2:02:52 Show Rodney Mullen your new trick
2:03:25 Show Tony Alva you’re hardcore
2:05:42 Doubles with Bob Burnquist
2:08:29 Help Paul Rodriguez get back his gear
2:09:47 Photo Gaps with Tony Trujillo
2:11:38 Help Mike V get some sick footage
2:13:12 Help Ryan Sheckler drop the jeep
2:14:30 Show Mat Hoffman you’ve got skills
2:16:22 Nollies with Stevie Williams
2:18:33 Bam Margera’s crazy challenge
2:20:23 Smash into the Casino!
2:22:37 Transfer your Special to Boone
2:24:31 Get the Triple 777
2:25:40 Grab all the chips
2:27:19 Wreck the trippy pool thing
2:27:58 Knock down the flood light!
2:28:45 Spine over Dave and Boone
2:29:37 Aim at the old ladies!
2:30:30 Final / Wasteland Video

Note: This is a compilation of my original THAW series, played in 2018.


Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland 82 mln combo

Moja kombinacja w Beverly Hills. Bez kodów, modów i bugów. To nie jest moja najlepsza kombinacja. Nie możesz uwierzyć? Spójrz, kiedy robiłem lip tricka ( w polskich tłumaczeniach gry pojawia się czasem trik na końcówce), straciłem pasek balance i wylądowałem na rampie.

My combo in Beverly Hills. Without cheats, mods and bugs. It isn’t my the best combo. You can’t belive it? Look, when I did lip trick losed balance meter, and land at the ramp.

Mon combo à Beverly Hills. Sans triche, mods et des bugs. Ce n’est pas mon meilleur combo. Vous ne pouvez pas belive? Regardez, quand j’ai fait les lèvres mètres équilibre truc losed, et de la terre à la rampe.

Review: Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land – Nintendo DS

One thing I haven’t gotten too deep into yet is the huge handheld library of Tony Hawk games. This one is supposed to be really good…. But the console versions of the game had pretty much jumped the shark by this point. Is there any chance this game is any good? Could the DS really handle such a big game?

Thanks to Bryan for the DS and copy of Sk8land!

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