Thief: Deadly Shadows Walkthrough

Thief: Deadly Shadows Walkthrough

Garrett is back in action in the third chapter of the Thief stealth game saga. This walkthrough includes a full walkthrough, and general tips on sneaking and skulking around in the dark. Do you have what it takes to dominate the battle royale leaderboard? Join the action and see if you can rise to the top!

“Thief 3: Deadly Shadows”, full walkthrough + 100% loot, Mission 1 – Checking Inn, Cashing out

Link to the whole playlist:

Full, quality and detailed walkthrough of the PC game “Thief 3: Deadly Shadows” (released in 2004), Mission 1 – Checking Inn, Cashing out. The game played by me on Extreme difficulty with flawless free flow completion of the missions without dying or reloading. All the loot was collected on each mission. The documents\scrolls\books were opened for very short period of time during the gameplay, so use “pause” if you are interested in their content. All the scenario scenes are included in the video, from the intro of the game till the credits at the end, hence the watchers can understand the storyline of the game. Highest values in graphic options were selected to produce the maximum from the game. Enjoy watching ating\commenting the video. Have a nice day.

Thief: Deadly Shadows – Stealth Walkthrough – Expert – 100% Loot – Part 3 – Day 1 – Southquarter

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Thief: Deadly Shadows – Stealth Walkthrough – Expert – 100% Loot – Part 3 – Day 1 – Southquarter


Thief Deadly Shadows | Longplay Full Game Walkthrough No Commentary

NEW longplay of this game on my channel has just come out in late 2021! PC version, as opposed to the OG Xbox here, in 1440p60, on Expert Difficulty!

Note: Last hour of the recording is missing, but half of it is loading screens and me saving, and just putting the artifacts into 5 places, and then the ending movie which you can see here in my new longplay from the PC version link above ^.

February 2022 edit: Thief Gold Expert Difficulty 1440p60 longplay out now!

Longplay of the third entry in the Thief series, Thief III Deadly Shadows, released in 2004 for pc and xbox. This being a longplay of the xbox version. It’s running on Unreal Engine 2, same one as Deus Ex Invisible War, same dev also.

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Since I’m a big fan of the series, I have to say, this game being on a console, is what’s most wrong with it. The game was made with xbox in mind first, then just ported to pc. That’s where the main problem starts: limitations. Levels are extraordinarily small, it absosuletly doesn’t feel like a semi-open world from Thief I/II. It’s like a few corridors put together, and no vertical action at all. This is the biggest flaw of both Thief 3 and Deus Ex IW, levels being so small and limited. It’s just a few hubs, and not that much to do in them. Teleports between them are another thing…

The graphics are fine, especially in high res on pc. Excluding maybe the hair textures on npcs. These are weirdly blindingly bright. Guess that’s a part of the engine. Framerate also can suffer a lot, but surprisingly, on PAL systems not as much as NTSC. I’m not sure why, but yea. The game often hangs above 30 fps, sometimes even close to 50-60. Compare it to Deus Ex in 480p, that’s a tragedy. I’ve seen it running on NTSC in 20-25 fps range all the time. But enough of that. Stephen Russell came back as Garret, tho the amount of voice actors is probably the same as Oblivion, so 3 or 4. Overall, this Thief is different. Does this mean bad? No, sometimes we love something because it’s different. 🙂

If you enjoyed this shockingly long longplay or just me playing, cosider giving that like to support my channel, or maybe even subscribing to my channel. I’d mightily appreciate it :))

0:00:00 – Intro
0:00:47 – Cashing Inn, Cashing out
0:13:02 – End of the Bloodline
0:40:32 – Garrett’s Building and South Quarter (Day 1)
1:08:00 – St. Edgar’s Eve (Day 1 + Day 2 South Quarter)
1:48:24 – Into the Pagan Sanctuary (Day 2)
2:33:20 – Keeper Library (Day 3)
2:58:50 – Docks (Day 3)
3:09:48 – Abysmal Gale (Day 3)
3:20:40 – House of the Widow Moira (Day 3)
4:04:40 – Keeper Library/ the Sunken Citadel ( Day 4)
4:42:40 – Killing Time (Day 5)
5:31:20 – Old Quarter + Fort Ironwood (Day 6)
6:03:40 – Of Brethren… And Betrayers (Day 6)
6:54:10 – Auldale (Day 7)
7:09:50 – Robbing the Cradle (Day 8)
8:43:11 – Gamall’s Lair (Day 8)
9:08:20 – Still Life with Blackjack (Day 9)
9:50:05 – Final Battle + Outro (…which are missing because recording got fouled up :x)

Thief: Deadly Shadows | Expert Difficulty | 1440p60 | Longplay Full Game Walkthrough No Commentary

Expert Difficulty longplay of the PC version of Thief: Deadly Shadows, 90%+ loot, all special loot found, in a 1440p60 resolution of both the game and the recording. Thief III: Deadly Shadows released for the Xbox and PC on May/June 2004. It runs on an Unreal Engine 2, same as Deus Ex Invisible War, earlier game of the same dev studio.

February 2022 edit: Thief Gold Expert Difficulty 1440p60 longplay out now!

#Thief #ThiefGame #Garrett #SupremeGhost

This time around, in beautiful quality, fully modded with Sneaky Upgrade, AND with complete ending this time around. As opposed to my last longplay of the Xbox version. :)) Good enough playthrough for me to call it an Expert Playthrough, and a very good video guide to pass the game on the highest difficulty level, 90%+ loot in every level (excluding the prologue), some levels are even 100%-ed here. Note: Thanks to Sneaky Upgrade and Thief III Gold (included in the upgrade), there are NO transitionial areas loadings, every single “real” mission is just one big map! Only the “open” city areas are still chopped up into pieces.

And yes, before you ask or are here just for this one, Robbing the Craddle starts at 8 hour 24 minute mark. :))

Perhaps one of my Magnus Opum videos, as it’s complete with (dare I say) generally good gameplay, very good quality, very good stats and percentage of completion. I might do the same for Thief I and II, in 1440p60/4K60, in Expert diffculties in the future, perhaps when they would be up for one year anniversaries on my channel, the definitive Thief trilogy done right. :))

A lot of folks, especially in the Thief I and II modding/ghosting community will say they’ve either never played it, or that it’s the one that basically killed the series going forward. And… I’d be hardly pressed to say I disagree with it. Consolized, much smaller scale, miniature open city areas, with constant loading between them. Not much of a “Thief” atmosphere/feeling. No rope arrows, no Thieves’ Highways. It just didn’t do much for a lot of Thief fans out there.

Also, I’d like to give a quick shoutout to @Klatremus and all of the classic Thief modding/ghosting community, for giving me a boatload of Thief content (I’ve watched every single one of his videos), and actually making me intererested in playing and recording all 3 original Thief games, making longplays of Thief I and II, and Thief Deadly Shadows for the second time around even!

In Thief: Deadly Shadows the player takes the role of Garrett, a master thief. It is set in a fantasy world resembling a cross between the Late Middle Ages and the Victorian era, with more advanced steampunk technologies interspersed. One of the game’s major new features was the ability to explore the City. While previous games sent Garrett straight from mission to mission, Thief: Deadly Shadows allows him to walk the City streets between missions where he can steal from passersby, spy on the townspeople’s daily lives, and search for side quests in addition to major story missions. The game also introduced an ability to switch between first and third person views, and to flatten against walls.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:22 – Cashing Inn, Cashing Out
00:16:25 – End of the Bloodline
01:01:48 – Garrett’s Home and The City (Day 1)
01:33:33 – Saint Edgar’s Eve (Day 1)
02:23:24 – The City (Day 2)
02:27:31 – Into the Pagan Sanctuary (Day 2)
03:23:45 – The City and Keeper Library (Day 3)
03:47:20 – Docks (Day 3)
04:04:49 – The Abysmal Gale (Day 3)
04:20:24 – House of the Widow Moira (Day 3)
05:14:39 – Keeper Library and the City (Day 4)
05:26:58 – The Sunken Citadel (Day 4)
06:08:35 – Keeper Library and the City (Day 5)
06:17:44 – Killing Time (Day 5)
07:01:30 – The City and Fort Ironwood (Day 6)
07:33:10 – Of Brethren… and Betrayers (Day 6)
08:09:19 – The City and Auldale (Day 7)
08:24:45 – Robbing the Cradle (Day 7)
09:38:57 – Following the Ghost to Fort Ironwood, Keeper Library (Day 8)
10:10:19 – Gamall’s Lair (Day 8)
10:26:30 – Still Life with Blackjack (Day 9)
11:17:42 – Final Battle with Gamall around the City (Day 9)
11:34:20 – The End