Madden NFL 13 Review

Madden NFL 13 Review

Madden NFL 13 trots out the same basic experience one more time, creating an enjoyable game without any major improvements.

Madden NFL 13: NFL Rookies Review and Predict Their Player Ratings, Are Way Off

NFL Rookies review their in-game ratings and are way off! A few weeks back, we asked a bunch of top rookies across the league what their ratings SHOULD be, and it’s no surprise they gave themselves a little more credit than the good folks at EA Sports.

Who do you think should be rated higher? Who isn’t worth what they got? Tell is in comments!

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Classic Game Room – MADDEN NFL 13 review

Madden 13 review. Classic Game Room reviews MADDEN NFL 13 from EA Sports for the PlayStation 3 (also available for Xbox 360). It’s the new Madden football game now with the Infinity engine that delivers amazing visuals and lots of new animations and details that are sure to impress.

Madden NFL 13 REVIEW!


Madden NFL 13 has arrived. Packing a brand new real-time physics engine, a revamping passing system, and an overhauled franchise and career mode, Madden 13 has the potential to be a major leap in the series. Can it live up to the hype? Watch our full review and find out.

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-Infinity Engine makes the game look and play better
-Presentation is better than ever
-Connected Careers are a step forward

-Infinity Engine can be quirky
-Challenge system is broken

BUY IT (if you like sports games)

Madden NFL 13 – Review

The 2012 outing was riddled with gameplay quirks and featured few additions, so it should be easy for Madden NFL 13 to make a strong impression.